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Have you been wanting to train with Caity but you just don't live close enough? Well say hello to the Caity Jane ONLINE 8 Week Challenge!

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The Caity Jane 8 Week Challenge is an 8 week online program designed to help you achieve the body and self-confidence of your dreams! At Caity Jane Fitness we put a lot of emphasis on the importance of feeling good and loving yourself. If you can’t love yourself for who you are inside, no physical goal will give you true happiness.

I am a firm believer that fitness gives you a kind of strength and confidence that helps you achieve that self-love so you can be happy in YOUR body.

Using my personal and professional experience in fitness and training I have put together an 8 week program that provides you with all the tools and support you need to help you gain lean muscle, reduce body fat, improve your energy levels and give you the body you desire and deserve!


  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group
    This gives you the opportunity to interact with me and other members on a more personal level, meet like-minded women and work towards your goals in a supportive environment
  • Access to a private Instagram account
    There will be a demo video posted of each workout to ensure you understand each workout and the exercises
  • Weekly emails
    These will help keep you motivated and accountable
  • E-Booklet
    You can print this out or you can simply follow it from your phone. I recommend printing it out so you can utilise all the features of the booklet more easily. Printing and binding will cost about $10 from Officeworks.

Booklet also includes:

  • Introduction to the challenge and everything you need to know to get started
  • Questionnaire to complete before and after the challenge
  • Reminders for photos and measurements
  • Pictures of all the exercises for each workout

This program is designed to be done at home however it does require a few bits of equipment. I have ensured you can get these from Kmart for under $50. This is outlined more specifically in the booklet.

Numbers for this challenge are strictly limited to 20 girls per challenge so that I can provide focus and attention to each person. Your fitness journey is important to me and I want to ensure I am able to give you the support you need to achieve your desired results.

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions.

Cost: $40 p/w
Payments are made through Ezidebit and will be deducted from your account weekly for 8 weeks.

To register and secure your spot in the next 8 Week Challenge please contact me here.

Can't wait to help you achieve your goals and help you love your beautiful body!