We welcome all girls with open arms.

Whether you've been training your entire life or never exercised a day in your life.

We believe there's something magical about a powerful group of girls who come together and support each other.
We know our lives are infinitely better when we're surrounded by people who lift us up.
That's why we created a culture of love, support, encouragement and acceptance.

We want you to love yourself and see your worth for who you are.
You are more than a number on a set of scales.
You are more than a dress size.

But we're also gonna make you fit and healthy.
Because when you're healthy, you're happy.
You're going to achieve things you never believed you could.
Girls will tell you you can do it, and you will!
You'll tell someone else they can too, and they will!
That's what we are all about.
A bit of fitness, a few laughs and whole lot of bad ass women empowering each other.

You can come too.